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The practice of medicine has been stolen.

It's time for physicians to reclaim responsibility for the patient-physician relationship.

Third-party payors, government, hospitals, and non-physician staff disrupt the patient-physician relationship, once considered sacred. Productivity demands, shorter appointments, and one-size-fits-all algorithms rob patients of physician time.

Political funding schemes limit expansion of graduate medical education. Graduating physicians are left jobless while inadequately trained mid-levels are being used to fill the void. Soaring debt fuels physician exploitation by administrators resulting in abusive leverage over physicians in both employed and private practice settings.

The results are devastating:

  • 51% of physicians are burned-out/abused
  • 84% of healthcare costs are unrelated to patient care
  • Less than ½ of physicians own their own practice
  • 25% of physicians would choose a different career path
  • 1 in 3 medical residents are depressed
  • 400 physicians commit suicide each year leaving 920,000 Americans without their doctor
  • $190,000 is the average medical school debt
  • 24 states allow nurse practitioners to practice unsupervised without a medical license

We demand,

  • The right to practice medicine without third-party intrusion
  • Complete removal of any law disrupting access between patients and physicians
  • Restoration of physicians as the head of the medical team
  • Adopting fiscal policy that defines and respects the patient-physician relationship
  • Physician autonomy as a professional right

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